Parkview Dress Code



Students will need to comply with the following dress guidelines in accordance with the Garden Grove Unified School District Policy and regulations 5160 & 5160.1:


  1. Clothing/T-shirts/Hats with rude, questionable, lewd, drug/alcohol, gang elated/affiliated/”colored,” and/or suggestive printing is not allowed. No bandanas or hairnets are allowed.
  • Clothing/hats which is symbolic of gang membership including but not limited to: oversized white t-shirts, long baggy Bermuda shorts (for boys) with long white knee socks, baggy pants, belts must be appropriate size(they cannot hang).
  • Hats are to be worn outside only, and then according to dress code guidelines.
  1. Clothing that reveals undergarments and “sagging” of clothing is not allowed. Belts are to be worn if pants are loose. Chains, items or other “jewelry” attached to clothing are inappropriate (wallet, key, etc.) Undergarments should be covered completely and not visible through clothing. Areas covered by undergarments should not be exposed.
  2. Clothing should not be excessively large/baggy, nor should it be excessively tight.
  3. Clothing that allows excessive exposure will not be allowed including but not limited to: bare backs, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, tank tops with less than 2 inch straps, and/or short shorts (shorts must be ½ way down thigh). Pants that are worn too low and expose a student’s undergarments will not be allowed. Clothing (pants, shirts, etc.) should not have holes that expose skin above the knee or below the shoulder.
  4. Wearing any type of clothing that becomes unsafe, disruptive or a distracting influence on the learning process will not be allowed.
  5. Hairstyle/color that becomes disruptive or a distracting influence on the learning process will not be allowed.
  6. Costumes are not allowed or appropriate unless on a day dedicated by the school or Student Council as a special dress day. This includes holidays ( Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.)
  7. Any jewelry/accessory that is deemed unsafe may not be worn (chains, certain piercings, etc.) Earrings which are looped, excessively large or shiny, distract from learning, or are unsafe are not allowed.
  8. Make-up and temporary/permanent tattoos are not allowed at the elementary school level (there may be dress-up days and/or events where this is permitted but not for typical school days).
  9. Safe footwear must be worn at all times.
  • Sandals, flip-flops, high heels, “heelies” (skate shoes) and some boots are considered unsafe. Closed toed shoes are to be worn at all times. A student must be able to run and play safely during recess and P.E.